Roof Restoration

When a flat roof system has reached its life expectancy and replacement is being considered, a roof restoration may be one of the options.  In this process, an attempt is made to reuse as much of the original roofing material as possible.  

A roof restoration is an option when the original insulation is deemed to be dry and in functional condition.  A thermal scan is often performed to determine any moisture trapped in the roofing system, in which case the affected area must be replaced before a roof overlay can be performed.

Professional Staff

Along with our project managers in the field, our team works together with the client to insure the project stays on schedule and assist in resolving technical issues as they arise during the construction process. Workplace safety is always a top priority, with all employee’s fully trained with up to date certifications

    • Over 50 years of roofing experience
    • Certified for any type of roofing system
    • Insurance Liability
    • Union Workers
    • 24/7 Service and Support


Our dedicated team of project managers are at hand any time. With on-site updates daily, you will always know what’s happening at your job.

Our professional team of project managers, and workers are always. Rest assured knowing that we will be on your jobsite everyday weather permitting.

As a company that has been in business for 50 years, we will always be on-call for any issues that arise after the project.

Our teams of roofers have all been trained to uphold the highest standard of site safety. With our dedicated Health & Safety managers every job is a safe job.

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